The Goodacre Cup this year was run in conjunction with the Watersports centre on Saturday 26th - Monday 28th August. We were pleased to welcome the Buzz fleet again with a traveller trophy meeting.  Although the sun put in an appearance, the wind did not and unfortunately only one race was possible.

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Racing 2017
  • Racing is on Sundays starting at 1130 prompt

    The Autumn Series begins on September 3rd and racing is scheduled for 1130 with a second race back-to-back (at 1230 approx)

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    Finally the weather was on our side. Two good races were held with the second making good use of the lake by sending us to places not often visited! There will be no Club racing next Sunday 22nd October due to a major SWLT windsurfing event. Back to normal on 29th for the series finale. Lets all make the most of it before the cold sets in...

  • Sailing Southwest website

    Sailing Southwest was established in February 2017 to raise the profile of sailing events in our area. This includes coordination of the Winter open handicap series (including our own Roadford Rocket). Follow the link above to see the latest info. and let me know how you get on if you attend any of the events!

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Roadford Lake Sailing Club (RLSC) is a small but very friendly club who have the privilege of sailing on the largest inland body of water in the South West. We have a somewhat unusual, if not unique, operating model.

The lake and all facilities are managed and maintained by the South West Lakes Trust (SWLT) Outdoor + Active Centre. Thus for example boat berthing, ground maintenance, buildings and general administration are all dealt with by their full time staff. They are also responsible for safety on site which of course includes rescue facilities. Therefore if you want to sail at Roadford Lake, the first thing that you need to do is to join as a member of the SWLT. Outdoor + Active can be reached on 01409 211507 or by email on

The Roadford Lake Sailing Club exists to provide the only thing that is not provided by the SWLT, i.e. organised dinghy racing. So once you've joined the SWLT you can join RLSC for a very small fee and join in with our racing.

Further details of Club contacts, activities, costs etc are included in these pages.

Why sail at Roadford?
  • Roadford Lake is the biggest lake in the South West at some 730 acres
  • There's no salt in the water!
  • There is no current, and the tide only goes out once a year (in summer) so your launching trolley will be where you need it when you return to the beach
  • There's a massive launch and recovery area
  • There are very few obstacles, either to wind flow or in the water
  • Boats can be stored all year in your own berth with good security. No being kicked out by the yachts in Winter!
  • Changing facilities are spacious and of good quality
  • Fees are very reasonable
  • Parking is free and extensive, and there are camping facilities on site
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Calendar of Events

See below for the upcoming calendar of racing and events.

SWLT Aussie Kiss Windsurfing event
Date: 22 Oct 2017 (all day)
No club racing for RLSC
Autumn Racing 11:30am start
Date: 29 Oct 2017
Start time: 11:30 AM
End time: 02:30 PM
The Roadford Rocket
Date: 28 Jan 2018 (all day)
The Roadford Rocket (part of the Sailing Southwest Winter Series). Details to follow