We are delighted that the event will be sponsored by Exe Sails again

        The 4th Roadford Rocket is being held on the Lake on Sunday January 28th. As in the last two years , this will be   a  pursuit race of 2.5 hrs duration, based on laser 4.7 as first start. Slower boats will start before this time. Last year the race was shortened to two hrs due to high winds, and the organisers reserve the right to reduce the race duration before the start if this se
    ems appropriate for the conditions.The race will start at 1130am as daylight is less at this time of year. Catering again by Okehampton Farm Foods.The race is part of the new  Sailing Southwest Winter series. Entry fees will be £10 under 18 ,single handers and double handers £15. The price has been increased for singlehanders as these tend to be the dominant entry and this will help pay for the costs of GPS hire, which has been partly sponsored by SW Sailing, who are also making a donation to the Calvert Trust, thanks in advance for this. All profits from this event will also go the Calvert Trust

     Once again there will be a charity collection for the Calvert Trust on Exemoor. This is a charity that gives outdoor experiences to youngsters with a wide range of disabilities. Please see their website for full details.

    Notice of Race  

    Note 1130 st
    art, briefing 1100. If you wish to sail a boat slower than laser 4.7, please contact the race organiser. You can use the contact form on this website. A provisional start list is available below based on laser 4.7 start at 1130

    Entries: Please print off the entry form & bring with you. A provisonal entry can be sent using the contact form or emailing the address on the entry form.

                                    Entry Form                         

    Sailing Instructions

                               Provisional Start Times

    PY list

                                   RLSC Mark Map

    On Saturday 27th , there will be RS Aero training arranged by Chris Jones and the RS Aero association . Please see their website for further details or contact Chris directly for further details.chrisjonessailingcoach@gmail.com . Obviously, the water will be open and others are more than welcome to come and sail, and overnight camping is available with hard standing which can be booked through the waterspots centre