As a club, we run Club Racing on a regular basis. There will be 2 races per day scheduled on all Sundays where no special events are being organised (see below). These will have starts at 11.30 in the morning for the Spring and Autumn series, and 13.30 for the Summer series. On all occasions the second race will be "back to back" and organised to start as soon as is possible after the last boat finishes the first race. On the first, third and fifth Sunday of each month handicap races will be run, on the second Sunday pursuit races will be run, and on the fourth Sunday "bang and go back" races will be run.

The main exceptions to our usual schedule of racing are when we are hosting an Open Racing Event. In the last few years the main events have been the Roadford Rocket in January, CVDRA open in July and the Goodacre Cup over the August Bank Holiday week-end.

The Club also have close links to the CVRDA and actively encourage the participation of older craft (whether vintage, or just plain "old"). To encourage these craft to enter club races, we regularly amend PY handicaps for classes where rule changes have made boats uncompetitive against their current handicap.

Click on the Club Racing or Open Events buttons to see the programme of races for the year with the results as we get them.The Race Officer Information page has guidance for the Officer of the Day (OOD) role as well as any forms required.